Future Thinking

Planet Earth
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We are living in a world of exponential technological growth, a world that is changing more rapidly than ever, a world that is in the midst of the Virtual Revolution…

Everywhere around us we can see industries that are in the process of being disrupted and – when the dust finally settles – it is going to be the companies that have adjusted best to these seismic changes that will be able to survive and thrive.


I can help ensure that you are one of those companies and provide you with:

  • A keynote speech that delivers a comprehensive overview of near future developments and the impact these developments will have on consumers, industry, and society as a whole.
  • A workshop that allows groups to utilise a range of future thinking techniques in order to reflect on the shape of the future. I can provide either a general workshop or a workshop tailored to your industry. The workshop takeaway is not only cutting edge information on the future and the technologies and changes that are shaping it, but also clearly defined methodologies of future thinking that can be reapplied after the workshops.