Oliver at TEDx Hilversum
Oliver at TEDx Hilversum, 2015

An experienced and accomplished speaker, I can provide keynote speeches and a range of talks. Whether speaking to an intimate group or a large audience, I always strive to create the perfect balance of information, entertainment and humour.

With an eclectic background and considerable experience in a number of media industries, I am able to offer content in areas including futurism, gamification, mixed reality, the games industry, game design, storytelling, interactive narrative, transmedia, branded entertainment, and creativity. In addition, I can also provide training in presentation skills and pitching.

I am able to supply you with a custom designed speaking programme, with content that is tailored to your specific requirements and which is designed to fit within the framework of your event.  However, below you can find details of some of my recent talks:

Transmedia: A Media RevolutionTransmedia is reshaping the way we both produce and consume media. This talk explores the origins of transmedia, its techniques and tools, and provides clear industry examples to illustrate.

Branded Entertainment: Beyond AdvertisingWe live in a world of hyper-personalisation, where content is king and where the public are increasingly sceptical of traditional advertising. Branded entertainment opens up a new world of advertising possibilities and this lecture explores the range of those possibilities.

From Poetics to PacmanCharting a history of narrative structures and storytelling; this talk considers the power of story and questions how traditional storytelling is affected by the rise of interactive narrative.

Applying the Hero’s JourneyThis talk discusses Joseph Campbell’s seminal work in comparative mythology and demonstrates how this can be applied within storytelling to deliver a greater sense of mythos.

Media FuturesThe media industry is changing rapidly in a wave of new technologies, distribution methods, proactive consumers, prosumers, and convergence culture. This talk explores the paradigm shift occurring within the media industry and charts what it means for the future of the industry.

Give Me the FutureWe live in a period of exponential technological growth and dynamic change and this talk explores the cutting edge of technology and takes a look ahead at the next ten to fifteen years. The world is changing faster than we realise and this talk considers those changes and their likely impact.

A Crash Course in the Game IndustryProvides a comprehensive overview of the history of the game industry as it rose from a cottage industry to a media behemoth. Spanning more than fifty years of history and key developments, this talk shows how we have reached the current landscape and considers what lies ahead in gaming’s future.

From AR to VR and InbetweenMixed reality is at the cusp of commercial success – whether Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or the many flavours in between. This talk explores the technologies, the current landscape, and discusses the mixed reality future we’re heading towards.

Gamification: How to Level-Up. This talk explores what gamification is, how and why it works, and demonstrates how it can be applied to a myriad of solutions. Using practical examples alongside gaming and psychological theories, this talk breaks gamification down into easy-to-understand concepts.

10 Steps to More CreativityCreativity is a muscle that many of us have forgotten how to use. This talk provides ten tangible steps to improve your personal creativity, and lateral and divergent thinking skills.

Presentation Skills 101Blending together tips and tricks learned from hundreds of speeches and presentations, alongside scientific theories on attention and cognition, this talk provides a set of techniques to rapidly improve your presentation skills.

The Power of Propaganda. Considered by many as the dark side of rhetoric, modern propaganda arose alongside the First World War and has evolved to encompass a wide range of tactics and techniques. This talk shines a light on the dark art of propaganda and demystifies the ways in which – within a digital world – it is increasingly used to manipulate us.