StorytellingStorytelling has always been vitally important. From the storytelling of cavemen, etched in rock walls, to the Epic of Gilgamesh, carved into a clay tablet; from the works of Shakespeare to the works of Stephen King and everything inbetween. Storytelling, in many ways, defines humanity. And, in a digital world, the power of storytelling is greater than ever.

The rise of convergence culture and the emergence of transmedia has changed the way we create stories, the way that we participate in stories, and I can help you to understand the new landscape of storytelling through:

Lectures and workshops. I provide a range of talksĀ and workshops that detail the power and structure of stories, from traditional narrative all the way through to modern dynamic and interactive narratives. I also deliver targeted talksĀ on key topics including transmedia, game narrative, alternate reality games, and more.

Consultancy. I provide consultancy; either helping you accomplish your goals by advising you or by taking a hands on creative role. I have experience of working with fiction, non-fiction, interactive narrative, scripts – no matter what type of story you want to tell, I can help you to ensure that it achieves its potential.