(c) James Stewart
(c) James Stewart

I provide workshops in the areas of innovation culture, creativity, and future thinking that will help unlock the collective intelligence of your organisation.

We live in a world of constant change and there is an urgent need for creativity, and for innovative people who can successfully navigate their way through those changes. But innovative people alone are not enough; we need organisations with cultures where innovation can survive and thrive.

All workshops are personalised to the specific demands of my clients, but the following provides some details of the type of content offered:

Innovation Culture. This workshop utilises the ACORN model of innovation culture to explore the different facets of an organisation’s culture and then provides participants with the tools and freedom to develop their own ideas and proposals for the future innovation culture. Key takeaways are a better understanding of the core components of innovation culture and tangible improvement points.

Creativity. As children, we are all creative. However, as we grow older, many of us lose touch with that creative aspect of ourselves and there is a popular misconception that it leaves us for good. But the truth is that creativity is a mental muscle – certainly it can atrophy if not utilised – but it can also be stimulated and enhanced. This workshop allows groups to learn a range of creative techniques that will boost idea production; with key takeaways being a set of out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving tools and skills.

Future Thinking. We are living in a world of exponential technological growth, a world that is changing more rapidly than ever, and everywhere around us we can see industries that are in the process of being disrupted. When the dust finally settles, it is going to be the organisations that have adjusted best to these seismic changes that will succeed. This workshop allows groups to utilise a range of future thinking techniques in order to reflect on the shape of the future and the challenges and opportunities that it may bring for the organisation.

In addition to the above, I also offer a range of longer-term programmes that are built around gamification and which are designed to allow organisations to deeply engage with one or more of the above areas, in order to not only build road maps but also properly embed them within the organisation. Please contact me for more details.